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Adoption Lawyer Serving Fort Worth, Arlington, & Tarrant County

Experienced Adoption Attorney, Zoe Meigs, Helps With The Adoption Process

I find great satisfaction in helping new families come together through adoption. Adoptions often arise through stepparent relationships, grandparent relationships, and couples locating an adoptable child. Stepparent adoptions have several requirements, as do grandparent adoptions. At The Law Office of Zoe Meigs, P.C., I help my clients obtain satisfying solutions to the adoption process. I serve clients throughout the DFW Metroplex, including the communities of Fort Worth and Arlington.

Are you a stepparent interested in becoming the legal parent of your stepchild? Are you a grandparent who sees a compelling need to adopt your grandchild? Do you need guidance on locating and adopting a child? Call my Fort Worth family law firm at 817-336-2325 to arrange a consultation or visit my adoption FAQs for additional information.

What Type Of Adoption Are You Interested In?

As your attorney, I am committed to making your adoption a success. I can guide you through all steps, advocate for you and the child at every step and answer any questions you may have. Let me assist you with the following.

  • Stepparent adoption: In Texas, the noncustodial biological parent must terminate his or her parental rights. Sometimes, this is done voluntarily. Other times, such as when the biological parent cannot be located, there must be a formal notice of intent to adopt. If the stepchild is over the age of 12, the child must give consent for the adoption. Whatever your situation, my law firm helps you proceed in the best way possible.
  • Grandparent adoption: Concerned grandparents may feel compelled to step in when their grandchild is living in an unsafe environment. For example, drug abuse, alcohol abuse or physical abuse may be present. Depending on the specific situation and the presence of one or both parents, it may be possible for grandparents to obtain legal child custody and adopt their grandchildren.
  • Domestic adoption: If you are interested in adopting a child, there are many options that must be considered. You also must be qualified to adopt. The qualification process includes a home study and background check. I can help you fulfill the legal requirements to bring a child into your family through adoption.

Adoption can be an exciting time for your family. Where divorce pulls people apart, adoption brings people together. Adoption results in more than just a name change; it results in a new or existing relationship growing into a legal parental relationship. I look forward to assisting you during this time.

Contact a Fort Worth adoption lawyer today to schedule a consultation. I serve clients throughout the DFW Metroplex and Tarrant County, including Fort Worth & Arlington.

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