What do you need to include in a parenting plan?

| Feb 12, 2020 | Divorce

If you and your spouse haven’t sat down to talk about a parenting plan yet, it’s time to do it. Your parenting plan is an important part of your divorce agreement and the custody arrangements you put in place.

It can be difficult to come up with a parenting plan that you want to use, but with careful consideration, you and your spouse can come up with a parenting agreement that you agree with.

What should you include in a basic parenting plan?

Your basic parenting plan should include your custody arrangements and provisions for situations that might arise, such as what happens if you are in the military and deploy or get a new job and want to relocate.

You and your spouse should talk about child care, too. If there are days when you have to hire a babysitter, leave your children with family or need to make other arrangements, you should both agree on who can care for your child and who is going to cover the costs associated with that care.

Another important item to include in your parenting plan is how you want to communicate with the other parent. You can opt to communicate in person, by work telephone, through mobile texting or other means. You just want to make sure that both of you understand the methods of communication that will work best, so that you can communicate with each other when necessary.

There may be a number of items that you want to include in your parenting plan. Your attorney will talk to you about what people generally include, so you have a good idea about what to discuss.




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