Texan dads complain that child custody laws aren’t enforced

| Feb 15, 2019 | Child Custody

Custody cases can get out of hand, and in some instances, children aren’t allowed to see the parents who miss them very much. Recently in Texas, a father has brought to light a situation in which he has court-ordered custody times but is unable to see his daughter due to the mother’s interference.

The man claims that it is a lack of enforcement that is making it impossible for him to see his child. He has court-ordered visitation, and he drives to El Paso from Austin to spend the first, third and fifth weekends of the month with her. Unfortunately, these meetings rarely go as planned, as her mother won’t honor the agreement.

In 2018, the El Paso police took a report over the mother’s refusal to allow visitation. After waiting for the district attorney’s response, the man found that the attorney did not want to file formal charges or prosecute the case. That refusal was despite Child Protective Services noting concerns about domestic violence between the mother and her boyfriend, who the child would be exposed to. Their claims are that children in the home are at substantial risk, yet this father is unable to see his child.

The man’s court order allows any peace officer to enforce it. In fact, interfering with court-ordered visitation in Texas is a felony, and you can face up to two years in prison for it.

If you’re stuck in limbo with your children in this type of situation, strong legal representation is a must. You can seek full custody or changes in custody to help get you the opportunity to see and raise your child.




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