Parenting plans and your child’s community involvement

| Apr 26, 2018 | Child Custody

When your child is a toddler, his or her entire world revolves around you and your partner. Whether you were married or partnered when your child was a little tyke — or living separately and apart — your little one depended on you and your ex for everything.

This situation changes dramatically as your child grows older, goes to school, starts playing sports and starts getting involved in various community activities. In this respect, it’s important that any child custody arrangements reflect any kind of involvement your child has at school and in the community and your ability to support your child in this involvement.

School requirements and needs

Your parenting plan should offer guidelines for you and your spouse to communicate with one another about your child’s school assignments and school responsibilities. If there’s a science project coming due in a couple months, you can decide if it will be you or your ex who will help your child with that project, so it’s important that you agree ahead of time in the parenting plan to discuss these important things with one another. In other words, make sure your parenting plan addresses the need for parents to keep each other apprised of important due dates and events related to school.

Extra-curricular activities

Children love to engage in sporting groups, art activities and different types of music lessons depending on their interest levels. It’s important that your parenting schedule allows your children to continue participating in these vital and enriching activities.

Are you ready to create the best parenting plan that is tailored to your family’s unique needs and situation? You can do this by understanding your options and the typical parenting arrangements co-parents choose — then altering your choices to ensure you have the best situation to meet your family’s needs.




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