Military marriages should be started with care

| Feb 21, 2018 | Military Divorce

There have been military marriages in Fort Worth, Texas, and Tarrant, Texas, for centuries. Many of those marriages start when the couple is in their early twenties. Everyone hopes that those marriages will grow and prosper and avoid military divorce.

When marrying relatively young, the couple is typically very optimistic, with beautiful visions of what their lives together will be like. That is great, and a necessary component of a successful marriage, as well as the joie de vivre of married life.

Trouble can come if the couple doesn’t understand, or chooses to not acknowledge, the challenges that they will face. Those challenges can include sudden deployments for one, and corresponding changes in responsibilities for the other, as they find themselves having to do the home tasks of both as their husband or wife is off with their unit.

Additionally, both husband and wife can feel very lonely when a partner is gone for weeks or months at a time. In the worse cases, one or both may stray. Even in the best cases, though, one or both may feel that their connection is damaged because they aren’t sharing a home. That can be hard to come back from.

Many military couples do so successfully; however, by talking a great deal in advance about what will be involved in life in the military and how that will affect their relationship. Shared values, inclusive of faith, can be a great help for the couples working to put together plans to deal with separation.

Correspondingly, the couples can find ways to maximize their time together, and if they have to live a month’s worth of marital joys in a week, due to deployment schedules, that may be the best way to keep their spark alight in the context of their military marriage. They can also find ways to maximize communication while one is on active duty.




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