Why are more couples getting prenups?

| Aug 3, 2017 | Prenuptial Agreements

The use of prenuptial agreements has been on the rise. Why are people more interested in prenuptial agreements now than they have been in the past?

While there are many reasons, one is simply the divorce rate. With half of all marriages ending in divorce, couples know that they have to be realistic.

Another issue is debt. A lot of people who tie the knot already have debt. People may want to ensure that they are protected from that and potential future debt if there’s a divorce.

Women also are more likely to work now than they did in the past. Decades ago, women may not have had enough assets to worry about a prenup. Now they do. They may be looking to protect those assets since both people are earners.

Further, people are using prenups for things that go beyond money. Some are worried about who is going to keep the family pet. Others want to put in guidelines for the marriage, such as having a date night once a week. Still others are thinking about their own passing and adding provisions related to assets and handling those affairs.

These are just a few of the reasons that prenups have become so popular, but they do help to show how flexible and useful these documents can be.

Are you about to get married, and are you starting to think that it may be wise to use a prenup? Be sure that you know how the legal process works, You and your Texas family law attorney need to draft and file the prenup properly for it to stand.

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