Boy abandoned in Mexico now back with his dad in the USA

| Jul 7, 2017 | Child Custody

A 4-year-old boy from El Paso and his father have been reunited after the child was abandoned in Ciudad Juarez by his biological mother. According to the father’s attorney, the parents have agreed that the child should be in the father’s custody.

The estranged parents agreed to a custody arrangement where the father retains legal custody. His 25-year-old mother faces charges that she abandoned her son in February in an empty warehouse.

Police reports allege that the mother admitted her actions and claimed that she did so in order to “give her son a better life.”

The youngster’s father said, “After everything she did, it’s the right thing for her to do.”

After being discovered at the empty warehouse, the child stayed in Mexico under protective custody. His mother eventually came forward and said that her son had been kidnapped, police allege.

His father insists that he was unaware that his boy was even missing. He claimed that the boy’s mom would offer excuses as to why he couldn’t talk to his dad on the phone whenever the man called.

Last week, authorities returned the child to the United States where he and his dad reunited with each other. The father intends to take his son back to Albuquerque where he lives. He claims that his “family is waiting for him, to give him all the care and love he needs.”

While those circumstances were quite extreme, fathers often feel that the Texas courts favor the mothers of their children over them in child custody matters. If you feel likewise, hiring an attorney to help you fight for custody can be helpful.

Source: Big Country Homepage, “Father of abandoned boy says custody agreement reached,” Daniel Marin, July 04, 2017




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