Can 2 questions help predict divorce?

| Nov 4, 2016 | Family Law

It’s normal to wonder how your life might have been different if you hadn’t gotten married or if you had married someone else. However, according to two economists, what you need to do is answer two questions:

— How do you think your happiness level would be different if you and your spouse or partner separated?

— How do you think your spouse’s or partner’s happiness level would be if you and your spouse or partner separated?

Seems simply enough to answer, doesn’t it? Well, the economists believe that while the answer to the first question is important, it’s how the second question is answered that tells more about the possibility of divorce. If one person doesn’t know that his or her spouse is thinking about how terrific life might be if the couple were separated, then that could be an indication that there is trouble in paradise. The economists found that those who thought their partners were happy when they weren’t at all were over twice as likely to be divorced six years later.

One of the economists said that when one spouse overestimates how happy his or her partner is, there is a tendency to act more recklessly. He or she could be less considerate or more demanding.

If you’ve decided that divorce is the option you want to pursue, you should have the guidance of an experienced family law attorney. He or she can help you throughout the divorce process, especially when it comes to matters involving children and property. Your attorney will work to protect your rights throughout the divorce proceedings.

Source: Business Insider, “Economists used 2 questions to accurately predict divorce,” Erin Brodwin, Oct. 25, 2016




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