Prenatal paternity test questioned in child custody case

| Jul 1, 2014 | Child Custody

Texans who follow custody battles may be aware of a case where a father, who is an NBA player, is demanding additional testing to confirm a paternity test that had been previously performed. If it is proven he is the biological father, he is asking for sole custody.

The mother of the child, born May 1, lives in New York City and petitioned for sole child custody. Her request cited the father’s travel schedule as the reason she believed he could not care for the child. She said he acknowledged parentage and paid medical expenses during the pregnancy. A paternity test done prenatally confirmed that he is the father with 99.9 percent assurance. He seeks an additional test because he has issues with the prenatal methodology.

The man feels the mother is unable to care for the child because, two months after the birth she is unemployed and lives with relatives. He is alleging that she refuses to work and that others are helping with the child’s care. He is requesting that the mother be given limited child sharing time and wants the trial moved to Florida where they met. Jurisdiction has not yet been ruled on and, if his custody request is not granted, he wants child support payments to be less than Florida would normally order.

Child custody in Texas is decided by what is in the best interests of the child. A family law attorney may offer a parent insight into what factors a court will consider in making its determination. The attorney may also help structure an agreement that incorporates visitation for the non-custodial parent.

Source: INDY Star, “Pacers’ Paul George seeks sole custody of child”, June 30, 2014




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