Understanding the complexities of international divorce

| Jan 23, 2013 | Family Law

As international travel has become easier and expanding technologies have made interacting with different cultures more accessible, there has been an increase in dual-citizenship marriages. When Texas couples with parties from different countries decide to get divorced, their dual-citizenship can cause a variety of legal complications.

A recent source explained that international divorce comes with a myriad of issues to consider. Some countries have vastly different laws and views on women’s rights and property division. In some cases, money is the least of the divorcing couple’s concerns. International divorce can also become extremely contentious and volatile when children are added to the equation. 

It is especially important for those who are considering divorcing a spouse from an international marriage to build a strong legal team for adequate support. Some couples in this situation have hired international family law attorneys to explain if a divorce will be legally recognized between the two countries. Those in this situation often must respect that the individuals have to obey the laws of both countries they represent, not just their country of residence or their own origin.

The best way to approach an international divorce is to seek qualified legal counsel as soon as the divorce is an inevitable part of future plans. It is extremely important that an Texas resident understands their legal options when it comes to asset division and, more importantly, child custody laws. This can be the most complicated of issues when the couple cannot even agree to live in the same country, let alone co-parent a child compatibly. Having a clear understanding of your legal options in both countries will help eliminate surprises and ensure your rights are properly represented in both jurisdictions.

Source: Forbes Magazine, “Small world, big problem: divorces involving dual citizenship,” Jeff Sanders, Jan. 10, 2013




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