Texas program helps parents who are not paying child support

| Dec 10, 2012 | Firm News

With the recent focus on parents who are not paying their child support and the crackdown on the part of law enforcement to bring these parents to justice, the fact that many of these parents are struggling with financial problems may be ignored. However, a new program designed to work with those parents may help support family law enforcement as well as the parents who are unable to pay child support.

The Non-Custodial Parent Program is administered by Workforce Solutions. The program assists parents in finding a job so that they can make their child support payments. The Rio Grande Valley office of the NCP Workforce Program is currently the top-performing agency in the state, collecting over $10 million in child support payments in the past seven years.

The secret to this success is helping parents find jobs. With a job, parents are able to catch up on back child support as well as maintain current payments. Many parents have found that the help in acquiring and keeping employment has made the difference between having mounting child support arrearages and staying current on their obligations.

While some parents truly are “deadbeat” dads and moms who refuse to care for their children, many just want to straighten out child support obligations and become current on their payments. Helping these parents find and keep jobs, as this program does, can enable them to do this. For parents who are struggling with child support issues, a family law attorney may be able to advise them on the best way to recover child support payments or point them toward programs such as this one that will assist them in their efforts to abide by court rulings.

Source: NBC Latino, “Workforce solutions helps child support offenders get back on their feet,” Erin Murray, Nov. 30, 2012




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